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Has anyone replaced the seat foam in their Fox Mustang?

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Posted: 04/18/07 10:35 AM

Looking at doing a seat foam replacement, was wondering if anyone has done the replacement, what kinds of things you ran into, etc.  

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Posted: 08/23/07 09:45 PM

There's a company I read about in either 5.0 Magazine or Muscle Mustangs (can't remember) that makes new seat foams for our Foxes.


Check them out. The write-up made it look like they had a *** good product going for them.

Also check out their media centre tab at the top of the page - they've got a kill picture of a set of GT seats that were reupholstered as Mach1 replicas..... looks SICK!  
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Posted: 02/18/08 06:30 PM

I haven't done it yet but the link at http://www.foxmustangrestoration.com/?p=pr&catid=21 caught my eye.  Basically the same thing the Steve posted but this one has a red stripe near the top.  I read an article last year in 5.0 about redoing the seats and they did come to a part that they said was tricky and could be a problem.  I've already went to a local upholstery shop and they quoted me about $250 to refoam and install the covers.  
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Posted: 02/23/08 08:50 AM

Are you sure your seat foam is bad? I thought my 91 had bad foam too, till I removed the covers and found that it was the upholstery padding in the coverings that was bad. Reupholstered my entire 91 vert GT myself. I bought the upholstery from latemodelrestoration.com This was my first time and found the rear seats easy. I did them last- but would recommend starting there for practice. I needed a staple gun to do the headrest and kneebolster. The bucket seats took more work, but had each one done in about 30 minutes.

Skill level- easy to moderate with the kit I purchased.

Hint: when you cut off the old seat covers with scissors, be careful on the very back of the buckets as the padding is held down with some webbing and you can accidently cut this.  

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