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Killer Combos

KJ Jones
Posts: 76
Joined: 04/07
Posted: 06/12/07 07:59 AM


I asked our Webmaster to add this topic to the forum, for you all to use it as a place to post and compare ideas on what you think are killer combinations ("all-motor," or engine/power-adder) for street-driven 'Stangs of all flavors (Fox thru S197).

For example, the blown, 347 is one of the stalwart setups for '79-'93 'Stangs. What are your thoughts about other packages that will make a Mustang rock?

Thanks for sharing!

KJ Jones
Technical Editor
5.0 Mustang & Super Fords  

KJ Jones
Technical Editor
5.0 Mustang & Super Fords

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New User
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Joined: 09/07
Posted: 09/07/07 01:55 PM

IMHO you can't beat a mod motor with a blower. My own personal combo is a stock well maintained 96 Cobra longblock, hand ported short runner intake, and 13 psi courtesy of a Vortech T trim. With stock rails and lines, 60 lb injectors, twin 255s, and an SGS Performance tune it makes 543 to the tires and drives like a loud stock mustang  Cool  

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New User
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Posted: 12/04/07 07:34 AM

Im planning on making a 347 twin turbo with twisted wedge heads and a 750 holley carb  

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New User
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Posted: 01/04/08 07:58 PM

Here is what i have done.  


347 High Performance Street Fighter Stroker Kit Bored .30 Over
347 Eagle Forged 4340 Steel Crankshaft
347 H beam rods,
Keith Black Flat top pistons,
Plasma Moly Rings
Edlebrock heads Ported and gasket matched
Crane roller rockers
Trick flow cam
Balanced & BluePrinted
ford racing harmonic damper
28 oz SFI Aluminum flywheel
Aeromotive EFI Spyder intake with 90 degree Elbow
March Performance Futura Billet 140 amp Alternator
March Performance Saginaw  Power Steering Pump
March Performance Billet Pullies & Bracket Kit-SFI approved Polished Steel.
-Billet Crank pulley, water pump pulley with nose cover
-Billet Combination Alternator/A/C bracket with idler,
-Billet Alternator pulley with fan and nose cover
-Billet Power steering kit includes bracket and pulley
-Tensioning rod and rod ends
-Grade 8 mounting hardware
PowerMaster Master torque starter (High Performance)
75mm PRO M MAF Calibrated to 30 lb
75 mm Holley Throttle body
30 lb Ford Motor Sport injectors
MSD Billet distributor
MSD  6al ignition system with boost control
MSD coil
BBK COLD air Intake
K&N Filter
Fluidyne High Performance Aluminum Radiator
BBK electric Fan
Moroso 7 qt Chrome Sump oil Pan
Stainless Steel Braided Hoses
BBK High Performance Oil Pump
Weiand Action Plus Mechanical High Volume Water Pump
Ford Motor Sport Chrome Valve Covers.


Rated #1 Anderson Ford Motorsport PMS System


2 Stage Zex nitrous system 300 Hp +  
Jacobs mastermind nitrous controller
2 -10lb Bottles of nitrous linked together.
2- NX Bottle Heater and pressure regulator
NOS Remote bottle opener
Zex Machine Gun Purge kit


Aeromotive Fuel System good for 2000 Hp.
Aeromotive Ford 5.0 Billet Fuel Rail Kit, P/N 14101
Aeromotive  A1000 Fuel Pump
Aeromotive Fuel lines
Aeromotive Fuel Filter #12301
Aeromotive A1000 Injected Bypass Regulator
Aeromotive Y Block 15620
JEGS 15 Gallon Aluminum  Drag Racing Fuel Cell with Foam
Rollover Valve


New Racing Tremec TKO 600 Transmission
SPEC Stage 5 Clutch
Ford Racing Aluminum Drive shaft Assembly
Lakewood Driveshaft Safety Loop
Ford Racing Safety Bell housing
R.J.S Racing Equipment Bellhousing Shaft Strap & Service Support Strap


98 8.8 rear end
4.10 gears (ford motor sport)
extra friction disc's in clutch packs


Koni Adjustable Street Shocks and Struts

kenny brown subframe connectors (welded)
Lakewood Traction Action Lift Bar Kit
boxed upper and lower control arms (rear)
5 lug conversion
Rear disc brakes
BBK Line Locks


Equal length chrome shorty headers (MAC)
Off road 2 3/4" h-pipes (MAC)
2 chamber Flow masters
Mandrel bent tailpipes 2 3/4" (MAC)


Center Line Wheels Auto Drag Wheels
Front= 15 x 3.5 with Front Runners
Back = 15 x 9 with Mickey Thompson 28 115 et streets


12 Point Roll cage SFI Approved COMP CAM ENGENEERING
Swing out bar for cage
SFI Approved Roll Padding
Rear Delete Seat Kit
Racing Seats
Autometer gauges
3 1/2" cowl ram air hood
Battery Relocation Kit (rear)
Grant Gt Chrome Steering Wheel
New black carpet
New door panels
new speaker covers
New arm rest
New door handles
Saleen Wing  

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Michael Johnson
Posts: 397
Joined: 12/07
Posted: 03/26/08 07:11 AM

Ok, let me pose this question. Is it possible to build a 350rwhp engine for $3,500 without a power adder? We'd like to try it with a 302-based engine. What do you think?  
Michael Johnson
Associate Editor
5.0 Mustang and Super Fords

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Posts: 333
Joined: 11/06
Posted: 03/26/08 11:58 AM

With the right cam/head/exhaust combo, a good computer tune, I definitely think it's possible.

The key is to finding out how much compression you can run with the stock ignition without haivng to run more than 89 octane gas, 87 if possible.  

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New User
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Joined: 01/04
Posted: 03/27/08 10:15 AM

are you building this with used parts?  I dont think thats realistic when u consider fuel system and dyno time.  if your talking a long block only without an efi intake with swap meet/ebay pricing there is an outside chance u could build one that would lay down 300, 350 is a pretty stout N/A number and if your taking reliability and streetability into consideration i think thats reaching for the stars....some might argue but show me a parts list with prices that are under $3500 including gaskets hardware and fluids and I'll be the first one on your bandwagon!  

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New User
Posts: 1
Joined: 04/08
Posted: 04/05/08 07:23 AM

I’m running a 410 naturally aspirated in my street driven ’95 Cobra.  This dynos at 360 rwhp and 440 lb ft torque.  The car is extremely drivable.  My wife even drives it to get groceries and to take our two year-old to daycare.  We use this as our family car (I am milking that as long as I can).  I wanted a combo that was reliable and drivable with a lot of torque.  Having a broad torque band is great for around town driving.  

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New User
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Joined: 04/08
Posted: 04/20/08 12:13 PM

Kaje knows about this deal since he has been talking to the kit's designer, Rick Head.

My '07 Mustang GT is equipped with one of the first "Heritage" twin turbo kits from Team Performance Products/Exile Turbo Systems.  This twin kit uses a pair of Garrett GT2871-R twin ball bearing turbos and an air-air intercooler.  The car is also equipped with a Precision Industries 3500 rpm stall speed, multi-disc, 9.5" converter, M&H drag radials, and a Spydershaft one-piece aluminum driveshaft.  

Everything else is dead stock as delivered from Ford down to the 3.31 gears.  Running on an extremely conservative tune from Strictly Performance augmented with transmission tuning from Doug Studdard at BamaChips.  Currently:  11.5:1 A/F ratio; 8 lbs of boost; 10 degrees total timing.  Last weekend at the West Coast Hot Rod Association race in Bakersfield, California we ran the car's best time to date.

60' = 1.760

330' = 4.635

660' = 7.034 @ 102.01

1000' = 9.122

1320' = 10.887 @ 127.89

There is plenty left in the combination but for right now this is one bad sumbitch.  We are going after the FFW and NMRA Ultra Stang championships along with running in the WCHRA Open Comp class.  
SD Wheeler
2006 FFW Ultra Stang World Champion
'07 Mustang GT - Team Performance Products "Heritage" Twin Turbo System

10.88/128 mph

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New User
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Joined: 05/08
Posted: 05/16/08 12:05 PM

i'd love to know how your doing it. i also have a 95 cobra, not a daily driver though. i've had a lot done to it and it's never been on a dyno. it's just rare you find someone with a 94 or 95 cobra.  

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New User
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Posted: 08/29/08 12:05 AM

Im running a stock block with main and valley girdle, 347 stroker kit from coast high performance that is fully balanced, 5.315 h-beam rods not the 5.400 length, with their SRS pistons that have the wrist pins hole that doesn't intersect with the 3rd ring groove. Total Seal rings. Im using AFR 61cc heads old part #1420 that has a compression ratio of 9.4:1. full roller motor with comp cam XFI cam. 36lb injectors, edelbrock rpmII intake, 75mm throttle body and c&l 77mm mass air. Bigger fuel pump and rails, stock computer, UPR k-member and coil over kit. After market rear upper and lower control arms. Man, i cam go on and on. I almost forgot -  and for when and if I ever get the chance to race KJ with his t-top I always read about - a whole lot of nitrous.  

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New User
Posts: 2
Joined: 01/09
Posted: 01/10/09 03:26 AM

hi there im also planing to install MSD 6al together with jacobs mastermind,is it compatible? do you have the wiring diagram for it? thanks & good luck to youre project  

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New User
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Posted: 03/15/09 11:39 AM

you lookin' for a step son? you got the cash buddy!!!  

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New User
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Posted: 04/06/09 07:06 PM

Hey Michael, Im just curious if this engine has to be EFI or can it be carbed? To get 350 hp out of an EFI engine for 3500 bucks may be tough being the parts are so expensive, But If a person were to build the engine himself with the only assistance being having the block bored and decked then with a carbed engine you could make 350+ hp with 3500 pretty easily I think. Im thinking that if you start with a 347 kit thats balanced and blueprinted your looking at around 1200 bucks if ya put it together yourself, then Take a set of ported and polished E7TE heads and do a 7 angle valve job on them add a set of crane roller rockers( I bought a set of these for my 83 gt for around 250 bucks) and have 2.02 1.60 valves added to the head( these can be bought for around 200 bucks if you order them for a chevy and the 2.02 valves you will have no choice in that matter, I would suggest ordering these from Engine and Performance Warehouse in Dallas, they have a good product and very reasonable prices if you buy their brand ) I would also suggest a cam that has at least a .550 lift and at least a duration of .276 @ .50. Crane makes a cam similar to this that will run around 250 bucks. I would also suggest opening up the breathing on this build with using an intake similar to the Weiand team G, this can be purchased thru a local parts store for around 200 bucks. I would also go with a Holley 750 double pumper, this can be bought for around 450 bucks at Advance Auto Parts. So lets see my totals so far are 2550 bucks so far. I know plenty of ppl running similar set ups and are getting close to 400 hp, but they are running aluminim heads and have spent more than 3500. with the grand that is left you could acheive more power than 350 by using a set of Patriot heads with the 2.02 1.60 valves and at least 70cc chambers. you could buy those for less than a grand and you still would have money left and I would probably have a custom ground cam done by someone like comp cams, you can contact my buddy there whos name is John Williams and he could get you set up with that. All in all, by going with a carbed setup you could acheive more hp for less money, thats just my opinion, but how many true drag cars, dirt track cars, or nascar for that matter run EFI? For true hp with out any adders,carbed is where your gonna get more bang for you buck. This is all opinion and if it sounds way to far fetched let me know, I am just taking off a few things from some of my friends dirt track setups that make 400+ hp and adding my own ideas that I think would work.  

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New User
Posts: 26
Joined: 01/07
Posted: 04/18/09 01:09 PM

Well I won't exactly call what I have a "Killer Combo" but I think it's a solid combination for the (3100lb.?) '92 coupe I have.  It's a stock shortblock with Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads that have been decked and some bowl porting.  The intake is an Edelbrock Performer RPM II with matching 70mm egr spacer and throttle body.  The cam is an F-303 actuated by Trick Flow 1.7 rockers for approx. .542 lift on the intake and exhaust.  Strapped to the front of the motor is a Vortech S-trim with the 3.33" pulley and a UPR boost pipe for around 9.5-10psi.  The mass air meter is an SCT BA-2400.  The exhaust consists of MAC longtubes and O/R H, along with a Bassani aft-cat.  Gear changing chores are handled by a stock T-5 with a Ford Racing shifter and heavy duty clutch.  A Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft spins 3.55 gears, a new traction lok and Moser 28 spline axles.  Lastly the suspension consists of Ford Racing B springs, Tokico drag struts, removed sway bar and a PA Racing tubular K-member up front.  Out back are Steeda aluminum lower control arms.  The combo makes 487rwhp and 437rwtq with an SCT tune-up from Lidio @ Alternative Auto.  With help from Mickey Thompson drag radials (315/30/18) out back I hope to maybe crack off a 10.99, or who knows maybe better,  this spring.  I'm hoping my goal is realistic, wish me luck!  

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