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Killer Combos

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Posted: 10/25/09 05:43 AM

Late model restoration sells upper engine kits for a little over 2,000 dollars that proclaim around 350hp.  

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Posted: 04/23/10 09:49 AM

this is my set up so far, input welcome
   started with a 90 5.0 engine pulled from running car. torn engine down only needed a deglaze and hone. kept stock pistons rods and crank, polished crank. new bearings rings and gaskets. i got a set of gt40p heads full port and polish gasket matched,explorer intake full port and polish and gasket matched. i also have a 150 shot wet kit, 373 gears bbk longtubes pulleys just typical bolt ons. so my question is what cam and throttle body and injectors do u think will work good with this combo? this isnt a daily driver i sit in traffic with, its a weekend warrior midnight racer.  

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Posted: 09/01/10 07:20 PM

i've got a 87' lx coupe w/ac has a 357 long rod windsor in it with a 175 shot of nos and it's runnin 9.40's in the 1/4! could easily go into the 9.20-15's range with more juice.  

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Posted: 01/19/11 04:25 PM

92 mustang lx coupe
351w .30 over
keith black icon fordged pistons 9.8.1
rhs 215cc 64cc heads
trickflow 351r intake
lunati 61013 cam
lunati springs
bbk long tube headers
1.6 comp rockers
trickflow push rods
proffesional products fuel rails
30lb injectors 75mm throttle body
76 mm c&l mass air
underdrive pullys
ac delete
                     "drive train"
t5 tranny
zoom stage 3 clutch
adjustable quad and cable
ford racing drive line
3.90 gears
professional products upper and lower kit plus sub frame connectors
4 lug disc in the rear
think of a pan hard bar from mm

lookin to make 380 to the wheels and making 11.5 in the 1/4  
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Posted: 01/20/11 01:45 PM

Is this including all the stuff you will need ie; upgraded fuel pump, radiator, tires,clutch, MAF, tune ect. not to mention the trans you are probably going to break? Or just a fully dressed engine capable of 400+ HP ? Just real quick this afternoon I put togeather a pretty nasty 351 package for just under 4k that was everything from the MAF on down, no clutch. It included a budget SB 351 from LRS, AFR 185s, TFS 5.8 R intake, 30# FRPP injectors, BBK 75mm TB, 75mm MAF. I think with the right cam and a good tune that should get you close. So with a little more shopping around... Ya I think you could do it for under $3500.  

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Posted: 01/20/11 03:30 PM

yea i have a 255 in the tank 2row aliuminiun radiator electric fan, stage 3 clutch and 76mm maf im going to get it tune in a month or two and after im throwing a 100 shot on it the cam is 241/249 dur @.050 with 600/600 lift 112 lobe seperation heads have 2.08 valves and 215cc runners 64cc chambers i was topld by a few tune shops i should pass my 380rwhp goal i order my bb lt today from summit and im going to sale my shorties thats on there now and the xcam thats in it  
Familiy And Money

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Posted: 01/23/11 12:22 PM

I think the real question to answer here is, "how long do you want your engine to last?"  I can build a 350hp 302, but its gonna make that power at a ProStock level RPM and want 4.88 gears or something ridiculous like that.  

It would be better to invest in great machine work on the shortblock of your 302. Get the lifter bores in line, reduce friction where you can, redirect oil flow, etc.  Then pick out your crank, conrod and piston package.  Figure out their height, then deck the block accordingly.  Once the decks are parallel, then bore the cylinders to fit the type of piston ring you prefer.

that'll use up your cash amount, but you can always come back later to install a head, cam, intake combo you prefer.  By then, the shortblock isn't your limitation anymore.

In the past, I might have preferred a 289-connecting rod, stock crank with scraper, HO cam (good for 350hp with the right tune), Chevy valved E7 heads (this was before the Explorer GT40P heads were in junkyards), and Extruded stock intake over a splash shield with long headers tucked away.  It was a great sleeper engine when backed by automatic trans 3.27 rear gears, but now everyone runs aftermarket heads, and they are typically cheaper than trying to rework stock parts.  
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