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Anything besides a blower?

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Posted: 09/08/07 12:05 PM

Anyone had any luck finding big power gains with a Cobra besides bolting on a blower?  

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Posted: 12/21/07 03:54 PM

N2O is always a great option starting at around $500 for a good dry kit.  Or just build the motor bigger and stronger.


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Posted: 07/05/08 03:17 PM

I've seen some gorgeous turboed Cobras. You could go the built motor route too.  
Sharad Raldiris - 1989 LX 5.0

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Posted: 09/16/09 05:06 PM

Compression, cam(s) and heads. Works with anything.  Smirk

Im doing tons of research on 4V combinations for my Cobra, and Id like to put down big numbers while still being naturally aspirated. Anyone can do forced induction- all motor cars stand out!  Wink
-96 SVT  

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