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'93 Cobra: Leave it stock or modify it?

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Posted: 07/20/09 04:33 PM

i agree with turner and johnson, unless its a perfect condition cobra what fun is it to be beaten up on at te track or on the streets.  i have a 92 modded with most of the cobra options and the svo hood god i love that hood and it's awesome when i fly by vetts the look on their face is priceless i wish i had a camera if you could see it you'd never leave it stock.  you can get alot out of it without building a 347 and if you blow it up you still have all those great parts to add to your 347  

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Posted: 09/14/09 05:08 PM

Do sneaky mods- look like stock, go like stink!
Build a hot all-aluminum stroker combo, and paint it to look like the stock engine!

"What? Its only a stock Cobra.." Grin  Grin  Wink  

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