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Posted: 10/26/07 07:57 AM

Las Vegas - October 26, 2007 - Shelby Automobiles, Inc. has chosen
Quantum Performance as its third Mod Shop location to build high
performance versions of current generation Shelby and Ford Mustangs for
enthusiasts in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.  Quantum Performance will
open the "Southwest Shelby Mod Shop" at a dedicated facility in the
Dallas suburb of Farmers Branch, Texas, during November 2007.

"Carroll took a bunch of hot rodders and welded them into a ferocious
team in 1965, so we're doing the same thing in select areas of the
country," said Amy Boylan, president of Shelby Automobiles.  "By teaming
with the pros at Quantum Performance, we'll bring more 'Shelby magic' to
enthusiasts in Shelby's home area.  This is a significant milestone that
demonstrates our commitment to revving up the delivery of packages like
the Super Snake GT500 and authentic Shelby performance parts."

Authorized mod shops will support the Las Vegas Shelby factory and
modification facility by offering packages that enhance the handling,
styling and power of current generation V6 and V8 Ford Mustangs and
Shelbys.  After intensive training by the Shelby factory team, Quantum's
Shelby Mod Shop will offer Shelby "Super Snake" packages for the 2007
and 2008 Ford Shelby GT500, the Shelby CS6, CS8, and Shelby GT500 40th
anniversary packages, as well as clothing, accessories and other
packages.  Each vehicle will sport an official Shelby badge denoting the
origin of all modifications for inclusion in the official Shelby

Quantum Performance will also enhance Mustangs with authentic Shelby
Performance Parts.  Individual components will include upgraded brakes,
superchargers, suspension components and cosmetic pieces such as hoods
and fascias exclusively designed at Shelby Automobiles.  Shelby factory
experts will be actively involved in helping the Mod Shop meet Carroll
Shelby's personal expectations for quality and delivery.

"As passionate enthusiasts who love to make cars faster, we're thrilled
to work with Carroll Shelby and the Shelby Automobiles team," stated
Quantum Performance President Jim Mango.  "Based on our experience
building and racing fast cars, we know we can help satisfy the growing
hunger for genuine Shelby performance in the area that bred one of the
greatest automotive legends of our time."

Quantum Performance was founded on five decades of business and
automotive expertise.  The team has built scores of high performance
contemporary and vintage vehicles, enhanced hundreds of muscle cars and
owned dozens of Shelbys.  Members of the executive team have extensive
experience building multi-million dollar companies and in all forms of
amateur racing.  The company also pioneered a service program for
vintage muscle car owners that keep them in top condition.  Quantum
recently constructed a new facility dedicated to the Shelby Mod Shop
program including a dyno, showroom and assembly line.

"Enthusiasts have asked us to give them a way to enhance the performance
of their current generation Ford Mustang or Shelby right in their own
area," stated Ms. Boylan.  "Now, Shelby enthusiasts in the Southwest can
turn up the wick on their cars with Shelby programs at Quantum instead
of sending them all the way to Nevada for the 'Shelby treatment.'  The
Southwest Shelby Mod Shop will have Shelby trained production
specialists who know Mustangs inside and out, and are also experts in
Shelby Performance Parts and packages."

The Quantum Performance Shelby Mod Shop is scheduled to open in November
2007.  Up to four other Shelby Mod Shops will be opened in key U.S. and
international markets during the next year.  

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