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2008 Bullitt Mustang

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Posted: 11/07/07 06:43 AM

The official word on the '08 Bullitt is out. What do you guys think? We'll have the full review in the February '08 issue, on sale next month.  

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Posted: 11/23/07 07:16 PM

Awesome. I am happy that ford has taken a step forward from the tired s197 gt. I am however somewhat disappointed about the numbers on it. C'mon Ford put some beef in the upgraded bullitt!. How about a non supercharged 5.4, or maybe a terminator motor!  I love the idea and look of the Bullitt ( way to go by taking those ugly extra headlights off) but i want more hp! As an '03 cobra owner, I need Ford to put more hp, in order for me to trade in for a heavier less attractive car! What about a Mach 1 with a new boss 302, that would be mean! Or a Shelby Gt350 with N/A 5.4.  

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Posted: 12/09/07 12:44 AM

The 5.4L was out of the question.  This was never meant to be the super se that is between the Shelby and GT.  It wasn't back in 1968, why would it be now?  Everyone is complaining b/c Ford didn't put what they wanted in it.  IMHO, they did a great job on the car.  It's balanced, looks very clean and does a much better job at commemorating the old car than the 2001 car did.  If HP is what people want, slap a blower on it.  I've even heard that it is beating out the SGT at the Ford Racing track... and it's 4-5K cheaper (dealership ADMs).  We are finding these with MSRP or less and on X-plan.  I ordered mine on X-plan and I'm pumped about it.  It's the GT I've been waiting for.  Come on, for the price, you really can't beat it at all.  

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Posted: 12/09/07 10:55 AM

It has a lot more parts other than the intake also:

GT500KR rearend with 3.73:1 gearing
A lot of interior work (GT500 seats and steering wheel also)
  -Bullitt gauges with myColor
  -Satin trim (no chrome!)
  -Engine turn applique (real aluminum)
  -Trim on pedals, shifter, special shift knob (revised        shifter I believe also)
Special paint
18" "Torq thrust" style rims
specially tuned suspension
specially tuned exhaust
special front brake pads and GT500 rear pads
Serialized brace in engine bay
painted calipers
*I'm sure the torque curve is pretty decent also*
*limited production:  most have already been spoken for*

I would have loved to see a little more done with the brakes, that is my only complaint.  But, Scott Hoag of MRT-direct is already polling www.IMBOC.com (bullitt owners club) about what he should do for the s197.  He is currently developing stuff, I believe.  

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