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Posted: 11/14/07 11:36 AM

Las Vegas, NV - Executives with Shelby Automobiles have finalized the
content of their Super Snake post-title package.  Earlier this year,
Shelby Automobiles and Ford Racing unveiled a package to transform a
limited number of 2007 and 2008 Ford Shelby GT500s into fire breathing
"Super Snake" coupes and convertibles for US$27,995.00 at 600HP and
approximately $31,995.00 for the 725HP version coupes.

"At Shelby Autos, we believe that life needs more," said Amy Boylan,
President of Shelby Automobiles.  "That's why we've teamed up with the
best in the business to offer a Ford Shelby GT500 with even more punch.
Working together, we've developed one mean pony car that puts out more
power and balanced performance than any other American production car on
the road."

The Super Snake post-title package will include enhancements to the Ford
Shelby GT500's handling, styling and power.  The main 600 horsepower
package includes a Ford Racing supercharger with a warranty and
components developed exclusively for the car with Shelby's partner, Ford
Racing.  The package can be applied to either a coupe or convertible
with Borla exhaust, 20" Alcoa made forged aluminum wheels and a host of
styling components for the rambunctious Shelby.

"We're always looking around the corner for new ways to deliver balanced
performance that's unlike anything else on the road," said Jamie
Allison, Manager of Ford Racing Performance Group.  "The GT500 Super
Snake package, with its higher horsepower levels and balanced
track-inspired tuning, satisfies those demands and then some ... in a
uniquely Ford - Shelby way."

For those who feel they need even more power but are not concerned about
a warranty, Shelby worked with Kenne Bell to develop a 725 horsepower
program, which is available without a warranty, for the Super Snake
coupes.  The Shelby / Kenne Bell package is matched to a JBA exhaust and
a custom drive shaft to handle the additional power.  An adjustable
Eibach suspension package is available for an extra cost.  

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