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Cheap and efective upgrades for 05' Mustang G.T?

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Posted: 07/05/08 11:08 PM

Does anybody know how to get more horsepower or overall power to a 05' Mustang G.T without out having to spend to much?  

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Posted: 07/06/08 03:11 PM

IT depends on how much horsepower you are looking for and how much you call too much.  I have an 05 GT that is a shelby gt500 clone.  I have lowered it for handling, added a bbk throttle body,bbk cold air system, predator tuned, off road x pipe, and a pro 5.0 shifter.  I am pushing about 400 horsepower the the rear wheels.  The great thing about these upgrades is you can do them one step at a time. I can run in the 13's and get 3rd and 4th gear rubber depending on the conditions on Nitto 555 street tire with 20 in rims.  Not too bad for a girls car.  

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Posted: 07/06/08 06:26 PM

cheap and effective: cold air and a tuner.

Followed by a bigger gear.  
Sharad Raldiris - 1989 LX 5.0

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Posted: 04/07/09 01:03 PM

SPRAY Funny Gas, sorry Just being Goofy

Intake and Tune best bang for the buck. (Tuner $395 Intakes from $175 - $400)
Gears - 3:73 - 4.10 are great. Love my 4.10 (Gear and Install $400 - $500)
NSR Cams - will get you 15 - 25hp and cost about $1000 bucks installed
Long Tube headers can cost as much as $1600 bucks but only net about 15-20 RWHP
a little more with Cams and Delete Plates.

Thats about the best power gain mods I can think of.
The Lesser ones are:
Underdrive Pulleys ($150-$225 bucks for maybe 5-8 hp)
Mufflers (Do this mod for Sound no power gains maybe 1-2hp)
Aluminum DriveShaft (I like the Butt Dyno Feeling with this mod) Does not really add HP but allows the engine to rev up quicker and gets rid of some clunking noise of the stock 2 peice unit. $500 - $800 Bucks  

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Michael Johnson
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Posted: 04/09/09 10:27 AM

shelby_2 - Have you done anything else to your '05 GT? Your upgrades don't add up to 400 horsepower to the wheels, I'm sorry to say. Sorry to hijack the thread, but I'm just curious. Thanks guys.  
Michael Johnson
Associate Editor
5.0 Mustang and Super Fords

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Posted: 07/08/09 11:20 AM

I was thinking the same thing.

Thos mods add up to 310/315 at most to the wheels. I am pushing 430/512 with full bolt ons and a 125 nitrous shot.

Either way, back on topic.

Best mods hands down in my book: CAI/w tune, 4.10 gears. With those mods, you are in the 12's.  

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Posted: 12/01/12 08:09 PM

400 horsepower with those few little bolt on mods....tell us about the rest if it even exists  

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