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Biggest Tires?

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Posted: 10/28/08 05:15 PM

Hello All...

I'm new to the Fox body game but I have a hell of a Ford Motor just waiting to go into my newly purchased 93 notchback (521 C.I.D. 385 series moter).  My question is what are the biggest tires that will fit into the stock wheel wells of fox body?  My motor is pushing 1000 H.P. on the bottle (700 H.P. motor only)and I'm trying to figure out if I should tub it or if I can get the size meat under there that will get me hooked up on the strip.  I've given up trying to hook it on the street.  Anyway I'm sure this is the my first post of many more to come.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Here is a link to my website.  I currently have my moter in a 1974 Ford F100.  I got to get it out of there before I die!!  A 1974 F100 was not meant to go that fast!!  Smile    I currently run 6.48 @ 107 through the 1/8.  www.MrScharfenberger.com/F100  

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Posted: 11/01/08 06:43 PM

what diameter wheel.I'm assuming a 15".A 10 inch slick will fit.If you want a drag radial,use a Mickey Thompson 275/50/15.I have personally seen drag radial foxes with this size tire run in the 7's at 180 plus in the 1/4.  

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