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fuel injector size

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Posted: 03/20/09 06:59 PM

I have a 1992 mustang lx. It has a 331 stroker motor with edelbrock performer heads that have been cnc machined. It has a cobra intake(getting ready to switch to a edelbrock). cold air intake. 1 5/8 shorty headers. crane roller rockers. I am not really sure what kind of cam (supposed to be 550 lift). but it still has the factory 19lbs injectors. I was thinking about going with 30lbs with a calibrated Maf sensor and longtube tube headers. would this injector size be about right? i plan on having the car dyno tuned if i could ever find a dyno shop close to west virginia, any  suggestions? thanks


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Michael Johnson
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Posted: 03/23/09 06:13 AM

The 19s in the car are probably close to being maxed out, but you won't truly know until you have the car dyno-tuned, and data-logged throughout a run. Your ideas about adding 30s is not a bad one, especially if you plan on adding more power. However, if you add a blower at some point, you'll need larger injectors anyway. Why buy twice? Get the car tuned now, and see where you are at with the 19s. I would be willing to bet the 19s are ok, and larger injectors aren't necessary at this time. However, like I said, a tuner will be able to see where your injector duty cycle is at, and adjustments or larger injectors can be decided on at that time. I don't know of any dyno shops in WV so a road trip may be in order. Good luck.  
Michael Johnson
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5.0 Mustang and Super Fords

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Posted: 06/20/09 04:45 PM

I am looking to put in 52lbs injectors on my 5.0L 91 but not sure if they will fit.. They are from shelby mustang, anyone now if it will work?  

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