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not a mustang but a Tbird

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Posted: 05/16/09 11:11 PM

ok so i know that this is a mustang site, but i figured its ford related so maybe i would be ok posting. this summer and beyond, i plan on replacing a little bit of the engine at a time, oh yeah it has a 3.8 V6 in it. i have heard that mustang parts will transfer over, but im not sure. so can anyone help me out with parts that will swap or any other info would be appereciated. what my goal is to do is make it fast without blowing any parts, if parts will transfer than i need to know what else i need.


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Michael Johnson
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Posted: 05/18/09 06:14 AM

Michael Johnson
Associate Editor
5.0 Mustang and Super Fords

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Posted: 07/20/09 04:48 PM

why not go 5.0 i have a 92 5.0 bird its totaled now some nj chick ran into the side of it but it was cool.  if not 5.0 go with supercoupe parts like the eaton supercharger but plan on upgrading your head gaskets they're notorious for problems but make good power you can probably pick the whole system up for under a 1000  

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Posted: 03/17/10 07:18 AM

Most mustang 3.8 parts will work on a t-bird. It will not gain you much as the engines are pretty much the same. Deffinatly check out supersixmotorsports. I put a set of there stage 1 heads, a throtel body, and a mild cam in a 94 mustang. It really woke it up. Going to some 3.55 or 3.73 gears will help a lot and keep it streetable.  

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Posted: 03/22/10 04:59 AM

Cheaper to put in a 5.0, and there are alot more parts for it as well.  

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