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08 gt500 exhaust - advice needed

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Posted: 08/17/09 06:03 PM

Hey Everyone,

I posted this earlier in the wrong place...but here it is now

I have a 08 shelby gt500 and I just put a Borla stainless steel cat back system on it in hopes of making it sounds more throaty/rumbly/ ya know, the v8 muscle car gurgle. Im slightly disappointed with the results. The best way for me to describe the sound is a droned out, deep, rice burner sound with the wine of the supercharger thrown in.

What is the best and least expensive way for me to achieve the deep rumble you often hear on roush or saleen mustangs (without actually sending my car to them).  Im from california so my options might be limited because I need it to be street legal. Any advice on what and where I can find the parts I need would be greatly appreciated.


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