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Oil pressure

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Posted: 12/13/09 07:05 PM

what should a 95 MustangGT/S  SN95  stock oil pressure should be?  and now i have the rebuilt 302 with f303 cam and gt40 heads. what should be the oil pressure then? I just bought the car and my EOD gauge is in the ballpark of 80 to 90 psi. Getting ready to install aftermarket mechanical gauge to see if the stock gauge is working.   This post has been on this site for a couple of weeks and nobody can help me with the answer.  Maybe im on the wrong site.  

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Posted: 01/13/10 04:42 PM

i do belive that the stock psi. sould be around the min.of 60 psi. dont hold me to that just a shade tree mustang lover.  

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Posted: 01/14/10 02:38 AM

when first started should be around 65 at idle then when it the motor heats up to running temps around 25 to 30 psi then about 50 psi at highway speeds. Depends on the oil used to thicker oil will give higher oil pressure....i would definately get the mechanical guage just to make surebecause the factory sending units seem to go bad often. hope this helps  
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Posted: 05/21/11 12:18 AM

High oil pressure could be caused by a few things, like incorrect head gaskets, not enough clearance between the crank main journals and Rod journals and there respective bearings, plugged oil galleys, or if you installed a high volume oil pump you could be getting higher pressures.  

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