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getting fuel....

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Posted: 01/04/10 03:56 PM

Hello again I'm back with another question regarding my 99' GT. Just recently I've come to find my stang has used up it's life on the stock fuel pump...The engine will crank but no fuel pressure...won't start. Is there a way to double check to see if the pump is indeed dead? If so I was looking to upgrade to a SVT Focus fuel pump, I've heard they are pretty much plug and play to the stang. Is this true? will there be any needed tuning with that pump? I really would like to get a better than stock pump with minimal tuning requirements. Thanks again.  

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Posted: 01/11/10 01:11 PM

the easiest way to check is to turn the key to the on position and listen for the fuel pump to prime.. 9 times out of 10 if you cant hear it then you'll need to replace the pump  

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