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FOX500 (of my own hopefully)

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Posted: 04/27/10 06:27 PM

Hello, first of all i have to tell you how much i love reading your magazine from front to back and that you guys do an amazing job every single month!!!!!! No other mag compares to yours!!!! I am soon looking to take on a project similar to your (bad ass) fox500 project.  I got lucky enough to come across a salvage title gt500 on the CHEAP and i want to put everything on a 93 mustang hatchback.  The hatchback is clean, never wrecked, complete and fully functional.  The damage on the gt500 is not very serious and only on the rear of the car and i was wondering how much of the gt500 i can use to put into the fox?  I know from reading your fox500 articles that i need the k member and some other suspension stuff and i would like to keep the foxbody 4 lug but still use as much as possible from the gt500.  What about the computer, electronics, cluster and a/c, how much of that can i put in the fox? Do you think i would be able to use the brakes while staying 4 lug? I want to recycle as much as possible,  Im willing to modify the fox interior if i have to.  Im even considering trying to see if the dash can somehow be put in the fox.  I have always dreamed of doing something like this since the 03 COBRA came out and now thanks to you guys and the fox500 i've been motivated enough and it is finally coming true!!! Thank you very much for inspiring me to do this and keep up the amazing work!!!!!!!!!  LOVE THE MAGAZINE AND YOUR FOX500 TOO!!!!!!  

I would even be willing to pay you for a more detailed step by step sort of article on your fox500 so that i can use as a reference for my build!!!!!!

I also tried sending you an email several times to the mailbag section and the q&a section unsuccesfully so that is why im reaching out for your help here.  Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND LOVE THE MAG!!!!!!!!  

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