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1996-1998 Mustang GT's

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Posted: 07/14/10 11:20 PM

Where is the best place to start with these mustangs? I've got a buddy who wants to sell me his 1996-1998 Mustang GT. It doesn't run, but it is complete. A guy tried getting it going but couldn't.  I know it will take some work and I willing to meddle with it. He is asking $1500-1900.  The body is in really good shape (no major damage)and so is the interior. I like that it is a 5-speed.  If I get it, where do I start with upgrades assuming I get it running? I would like it as a project car.  Any advice?  

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Michael Johnson
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Posted: 07/15/10 07:25 AM

If I were to buy one of these cars in the shape you describe, I would get a PI engine, and install it in the car. As funds permit, I would add ported heads and cams, or Trick Flow's heads, cams, and intake. If you are blowing your budget just buying the car, and the engine is in good working order once you get it running, it will be a fine car, as is. However, it won't set the world on fire from a performance standpoint.  
Michael Johnson
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