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Stock '03 Cobra motor = Killer Combo

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Posted: 08/17/10 09:21 AM

you cant beat these motors. I just ran a new best at the 1/4 this past weekend while attending Ford Fest at New England Dragway. My car is currently the fastest (unofficially of course) Eaton powered 03/04 Cobra out there on just the Eaton and now on the Eaton AND nitrous. The motor has never left the car nor has it ever been opened up. Has 32k miles and over 500 track passes and she loves every minute of it. Combined with some weight reduction, a solid axle and an auto trans, this combo is KILLER

Eaton blower best pass

Eaton and nitrous Best pass

you can see all my video's here


or search youtube for BADASS03SVT  

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Posted: 03/24/11 09:02 PM

Why an auto? Do you not like banging out second and third? Oh, god. I love doing that. (:  

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