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AOD Help required. Please!!!

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Posted: 08/21/10 05:03 PM

Hi there,
I need help and information please.
I have bit of a story but trying to give you guys as much information as
I have a rebuilt AOD and been running it a while now. It is an AOD early
model (non electric) and has had the First gear from 2.40:1 to 2.84:1, and
Second from 1.47:1 to 1.55:1. change made so it has more pick up off the line.
When the re-builder rebuilt it he put new Kevlar bands etc in it heavy
duty clutches and a B&M street shift kit. (He was an old guy who while did
some of the things I wanted but did not do all of them. He personal
preference was standard drive qualities of a car, not street strip
qualities so he did not do exactly what I asked. Mad

The AOD had originally been imported from the states (not sure who from)
and had had the 1-2-3/OD modification made. However the first installer
who put the trans in stuffed it up be not setting the TV cable correctly.
After 3 goes, lots of burnt clutches and wasted money I took it to the new
person. (Big problem here in NZ is not many people know how to work on
AOD's unfortunately). Mad
He advised me I needed a complete new Trans (as the previous guy had
completely stuffed it including damaging the case and threads by over tightening bolts) or could possibly make a good one using bits from a
re-builder and combine parts from  both of them which was the cheaper and
better option.
The result is ok but has gone back to the standard shift pattern (1- 3,
I also find when racing it takes to long to change between shifts and the sluggishness of the 2-3rd change really effects times.
It currently runs the standard Torque converter (1800 stall aprox). It was
meant to be approx a 2200 stall but isn't.
It is standard in the lock up over drive configuration (lock up in 3rd and
in 4th).
I like the highway driving manners of the car with the OD in 4th (it gets
used regularly on the open road and around the city) but would like to
have a better 1/4 mile time.

The specs of the car are as follows.
1970 Mercury Cougar
351 Cleveland (250hp at the rear wheels aprox)
9 inch LSD diff 3.5:1
Tyres are 235/60 BFG front and 265/50 BFG rear (Slicks when racing)
Best 1/4 mile is 13.2 @ 104mph while it runs consistent 13.5 or 13.3s
depending on the day.

I change gears manually at 5800rpm and launch at 1800 rpm
60ft average is 2.1 sec
Average RPM in normal driving conditions:
30mph 1500 rpm in O/D
60-70mph 2000-2200rpm O/D
Trans cooler is 6x12 inch 4 tube standard aftermarket cooler

I have been told by those around me a higher stall converter (2200 or 2500) would
suit the car well and shouldn't effect the rest of the driving habits of
the car but would help me launch better and bring the times down (possibly
into the 12's). However I have told the exact opposite as well by other people.

Now having an read an article in the Mustang forum it recommended the Lentech products. I am interested in the Lentech 7A100-AOD-STT2 Valve body and have been suggested the Lentech 7902-CONV-12Sss 12" non-lockup 2200 stall Torque Converter
Does anyone have any feedback on these? Are they any good or would there be better recommendations?
Would it help reduce my 1/4-mile times but let me maintain the highway
driving abilities?

Everything costs twice as much to have done over hear (our exchange rate is *** plus freight costs are huge)so I don't want to hand over a lot of money and not get what I am hoping for.

So in short here are the questions and hopes that I am after.
Better shift pattern (1-2-3/OD)
Firmer precise shifts under acceleration (minimum time taken between shift
and actual gear change)
O/D lock up while under WOT if possible
Not to have electronic O/D

Do I need a new valve body and if so which one?
Do I need a higher stall converter and if so which one?
Do I need a better trans cooler and if so which one?
Should I run a deeper trans sump pan?

Any help is greatly appreciated or any further information required,
please just let me know. Please note, I do want to keep the AOD so I don't need to be told to dump it and get something else. Thanks Smile



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