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1998 GT 4.6 X-PIPE--MIL Eliminators

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Posted: 09/12/10 08:44 AM

I just installed a Pypes X-Pipe on my 1998 GT 5.0 with the MIL Eliminators. The installation was successful.
How long or how many miles should I drive the car to make sure all the codes are cleared before getting it inspected?  

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Posted: 09/13/10 08:59 PM

use an OBD2 scan tool or code reader to clear the codes...

are you thinking that your car will pass smog with NO CATZ?????

there is No way that any car will pass a sniffer dyno test without cats..

i hope you are keeping your cats intact in a closet...... if you live in an area where the smog tests are done...
or in a place where a mom or wife cannot throw them out.. or a scrap guy can get at them...   they are worth 50 to 75 bucks for some scrap guy... and 1K to 1,800 to replace...  there is actually several hundred bucks worth of exotic metals in them.. higher prices than gold...

there was a much cheeper way to eliminate the P0420s that set with pipes... but i won't post it on the boards...   only in messages...  log in.. click my user name... send a PM... check back for an answer.. as i don't log into this forum everyday... i may not see your PM for a few days...

but you already have them installed so the point is moot..

Maremont/Catalytic Converter
For your 1998 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L SFI 8cyl
Item cannot be shipped to the following States and Zip Codes.  States: CALIFORNIA
Part Number: 652101
Weight: 30.0 lbs
Warranty: 5 YR
Notes: XL Direct Fit "Not legal for sale or use in California";
Inlet Type: 2 bolt flare
Outlet Type: Ball flare
Over All Length: 53.75 in.  

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Posts: 87
Joined: 05/08
Posted: 10/23/10 12:04 PM

The car passed inspection with flying colors. YES the car must/should be driven for a few days to make sure the light stays off. On two occassions the light came on after driving for 1 hour. On the 3rd attempt, I drove the car daily for 5 days and the light stayed off. I then had it inspected and it passed with flying colors.  

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