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roush 427r

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Posted: 09/07/10 08:13 AM

Ok i am a college student looking to get a 2004-2007 roush 427r stage 3, but i just havent ever had a lot of time around them. i love the way the car looks and sounds but how about specs and reliability? anyone with any info or recommendations?  

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Posted: 12/23/11 05:36 AM

Roush did not start making the 427R until 2007, the first year for all Roushcharged vehicles running the 4.6 three valve engine. There are several supercharged versions to choose from starting in 2007 and running through 2009 for the S197 body style which was produced from 2005-2009. You should not have a problem locating one and they are as reliable as any Mustang as long as they remain stock. Good luck with your search and let me know if I can be of any further assistance.  

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