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1998 mustang radio help?

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Posted: 10/31/10 08:17 AM

just got this 1998 mustang and the radio doesnt come on?when i get in it has a partial number light on,then i turn on the key and it goes out and i cant get any sound or lights so im assuming it might be the code thing i`ve heard about? anybody know what im suppose to do to get this thing turned on? the battery was undone for awhile thats why im assuming it might be code related. thnx for any and all help.  

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Posted: 11/07/10 06:22 PM

is it a stock radio ? if it is you need to replace it with a new one ...... Cool  

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Posted: 01/10/11 07:44 PM

Ford radios do not have anti-theft codes. its probably just a bad radio.  

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Posted: 03/22/11 07:09 AM

If you get a new head unit, make sure it has dual channel out. Also, go to car toys and get the mach 460 integration harness so you can wire into the factory amps.  

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