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Turning Over But Not Starting....................................

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Posted: 01/11/11 06:23 PM

I need some help, Ive been pulling my hair out for the last 3 days. I just acquired a 1997 GT 4.6 that has been setting for awhile. When I got it I jumped the car and it started right up, it ran OK, but it still was running. Then I figured out what the nasty noise was and I replaced the alternator, and ever since then it will crank but not start. It almost seems like the motor it harder then normal to turn over. I have checked and replace the cam sensor, the fuel filter and it still does the same thing.The car has spark and I can smell the gas when I try to start it. And I pushed the valve on the fuel rails and I have pressure.

Does anybody have any idea what the heck it going on. The way I look at it is any idea is not a bad idea....Thanks for reading my post.  

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Posted: 01/25/11 04:45 PM

Try the IAC valve  

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Posted: 01/25/11 10:06 PM

i see that you have had the rocker arms come out..  on another post...  

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