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Saying Hi, showing off my car, hoping for some 10 love from you all!

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Posted: 03/16/11 02:50 PM

Hi all, I wanted to say hi and show off my 10 GT. The 10's don't get much love, they don't have the 5.0, they have the back end that some hate (but I love) and each time I roll to a car show someone asks me "don't you wish you waited for the 5.0?" Tis' the life of a born modder I guess. I knew the 5.0 was coming and still bought my 10 GT. Why? Blower. I put a blower on the car two weeks after I bought it. It was interesting having all that power on stock tires for a few months.

The car is my hobby/money pit and I built it for car shows and to just have a lot of fun. I am not done with it; I don't think you ever get done with a hobby. As it stands now the car has a lot of mods already. I have a Roush M90 supercharger with a 2.56" pulley and a VMP tune. The car put down 420whp and 408tq at 8psi. I have lots of under hood polished billet, some body color painted stuff under there, and a custom cut matte black super snake stripe to offset the eye searing grabber blue color of the car. I've been through two sets of wheels now, both wearing the Nitto 555's in 255/45-18 front and 285/40-18 rear wheels. Most of the pics below are of the car with the first set of wheels, Shelby Redlines. I recently changed to TSW Nurburgrings with the same tires and love the wheels. They are much lighter than the others at about 22 pounds each. The winter weather hasn't cooperated for any decent pics of the new wheels on the car.

The suspension is changed with Koni Yellow adjustable shocks, Steeda sport springs, and J&M adjustable panhard bar and J&M caster plates.I also have a MGW shifter and a k-memember brace with torque limiters under the car. The interior is mostly stock with a bit of polished billet and some custom shift and emergency brake boots, and a grabber pony grabber blue shift knob to bring a bit more body color into the car without being tacky. I have a boost gauge in a Roush vent pod and a raptor dual stage shift light in there too. Clean was the name of the game on the inside of the car as well.

On the outside of the car other than the custom super snake stripe I have worked hard to keep the car very clean. I tinted the lights all around. Some of the pics have covers on the tails, those are now gone after the DPS hassled me a few times here in Texas. The tails now wear honeycomb tint to put a little black on that bright red. The car has a CDC chin spoiler,custom black billet anodized GT emblems, Roush side splitters, HIDs in the fogs and headlights, and a 3DCarbon GT500 spoiler on the back with a GT500 rear valance. I also have Silver Horse Racing flush mount louvers on the car and a custom painted grabber blue skeleton pony in the grill to offset all that black up there.

Future plans include Brenspeed Detroit Rocker Blower grind cams, long tube headers, and a catted X-pipe. The cams are ordered and the headers should be here for an install next month. I am hoping for 460whp and a nice lope. I plan on an afco dual fan heat exchanger, aluminum drive shaft, and a bunch of other stuff in the coming months. The thing I like best about this car is that it's no garage queen. I drive it every day, take my kids to school in it, and punish the random Camaro and ricer when the urge hits. You should see the brawl the 5th grade kids that help my kids out of the car at school each morning start to be the ones to open the door. Smile

PS- I met one of the editors from 5.0 at a Ford event in Dearborn last year for the unveiling of the Explorer to the press. I was the dude that threatened to roll him for his 5.0 shirt. I forget the editor's name now (sorry!) but it was cool to meet someone from my favorite mag.

(new wheels)

Tsw 8

Tsw 3

Install 2


420 403 Web


(old wheels)

Qtrview 1

Side 1

Rear 1

Front 1


Shiftknob 4

Shiftknob 3


Skullpony 2

Skullpony 1


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Posted: 03/19/11 03:48 PM

looks great man. btw, UPR's 2010 GT with a Roush blower just went 10.17 @ 138 this week!  
Sharad Raldiris - 1989 LX 5.0

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Posted: 03/24/11 09:04 PM

Looks good bro. Love the blacked out tails. (:  

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Posted: 03/25/11 11:03 AM

You think 2010 GTs don't get love try having a 2010 V6 all though mine gets stared down all the time.

I don't normally like the grabber blue, with the exception of your's very nice!  

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Posted: 04/17/11 03:07 AM

Nice ride,
See a lot of pride went into the car. keep up the great work.

Where can I find the Front horse emblem? Would go great with my  airbrushed scheme.  

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