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Power seat install

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Posted: 11/09/05 09:08 PM


I am installing 6-way power seats in my 93 notch and I wondering if anyone knows how to wire them up.  The 6way power seat track has a 4 wire wiring harness, 2 green wires, 1 thin brown wire, and 1 black wire. Are the two green wires power 12V? What is the thin brown wire for? Any help would be a great help.



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Posted: 01/13/13 07:05 AM

Did you ever find out.   I need to know the same  

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Posted: 01/13/13 11:51 AM

what will really help.. is to find out what they came out of.???     another ford. lincoln or mercury...

did they come from a Tbird or a lincoln mark VII  there are wiring diagrams for almost any car available ..

the power seat diagrams are usually on a separate page...

there are also 2 different ways of wiring seat motors... depending on how the factory designed the motor to operate..

some only have 2 wires coming out of each motor housing..  this requires a ground on one wire and positive on the other.. to make the motor go the other direction.. the switch reverses the wiring so positive is on the first wire ad ground is on the second wire...

other automotive motors are wired with 3 wires...

one wire for forward..

one wire for reverse..

one wire for ground...    ground is always hooked up...    which one you send positive to makes the motor move one way or the other..

PLEASE BE CAREFUL.. on which wires you are hooking up  and testing... as many 6 way seats... have seat heating elements under the surface layer of material....

and... other seats... also have SIDE AIR BAGS built in to the cover..    this will usually be a YELLOW wiring harness. if you mess with this yellow SRS wiring or AIR BAG wiring.. you could cause the side of the seat to EXPLODE and release the air bag...  

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