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Posted: 08/24/03 05:20 PM

Hi guys,

I have a 86 mustang lx 5.0, with a T-5 transmission, here is my problem.

5 years ago I replaced the clutch, & pressure plate, it has the up-graded T-5.

At this time, I must push the clutch clear to the floor to shift, and at times this is difficult.  When it is cold it shifts fine, but when it heats up it is a monster to shift.  It has not been abused and my wife cannot drive this beast due to the shifting problem.

Please advise me of anything I can do to fix it.




Theron Greene

Newaygo, Michigan


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Posted: 08/31/03 09:23 AM

since no one has replied i will make these recomendations .... disconnects you clutch cable as check and see if you have any cuts or sharp bends in it ..... next check if the cable moves freely .... if it doesn,t go to the local motorcycle shop and get some cable lube .... you put this metal clamp on the cable and you connect the spray can to the clamp and the lubricant only goes on the cable ..... if the cable checks out ok then i would check out the  the bearing retainer for gouges possibly made by the throw out bearing ..... it  should slide back and forth with no binding   

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Posted: 09/23/03 01:35 PM

You can buy an adjustable cable and quadrant. The stock quadrant is plastic and the teeth that you adjust it buy break or get stripped off over time. To adjust your clutch cable pick up on the pedal until you feel it kinda pop then push the clutch to the floor and repeat this process about 5 time. See if this helped. Also like anyother cable they strech and need to be replaced over time.  

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Posted: 07/13/12 04:50 PM

Really mad, my 2011 Mustang GT, will shift into reverse unless I cut the car off then shift to reverse cut on then back up. Also 5th gear grinds, and shifting to 1st I must force the shift with the clucth pressed to the floor, and shifting from 1st to 2nd is the same. Need to know TSB number becuase the local dealer know nothing about it or how to fix issue. At this point I may just buy an T56 Magnum from Tremec hopefully that fixes the shifting, but why should a Mustang owner need to purchase an new transmition when the one in the is still under warranty. Does anyone have any suggestion.  

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