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Ford E303 Cam

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Posted: 02/10/06 01:55 AM

I have a 90 Mustang GT Conv. that has a rebuilt stock 302, remanufactured Jasper trans (AOD) w/shift kit, new rear axles w/3:73 gears, off-road exhaust system w/o cats w/flowmasters and K&N filter. I want to upgrade my stock torque converter (stall speed?) and add the ford E303 cam. I have also considered installing a bolt-on cold air intake system. Will these mods make much of a difference in my performance? I don't race my car. I just want to make my car a bit quicker without getting into changing the heads and intake. Is this the correct set-up? I do like the idling sound of the E303! What do you think?  

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Posted: 02/10/06 02:23 PM

I have an E303 in my car and it did make a nice difference but If i could do it all over again seeing the difference between all of the different Motorsport cams the F303 makes the most power of them all. I had a custom stall converter made for my E303 by Edge Racing converters (Highly recommended) They were priced vey good and they stood behind it 100% and if you want to reconfigure the stall all you have to do is pay to send it back and for $75 they will change the stall speed. I had one configured for 3400 and didnt like it. sent it back and had them reconfigure it for 2850rpm and it performed AWSOME. Mine is an 88 convertible with 3.73 also . If you do go with the E303 I would do a 2850-2900 stall with a lockup. (you must keep the lock up) everyone told me i could do a non-lock up converter and it would get a little warmer and reduce gas milage but i would have better performance so i did it and i smoke 5 AOD's once i redid it to 2850-2900 with a lock up it never had a proble. I plan to pull the E303 out of my car and i have since converted it to a tremec 5-speed. If you interested I would sell the converter, E303 cam and 1.6 roller rockers. The converter has about 300 miles since  I got it back (from reconfiguring it) and has only had synthetic fluid run through it.  

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Posted: 04/08/10 12:56 PM

i would go wit the x-303 cam  
5.0, gt40P 1.98 int. 1.58 ex., 1.6 rr, guides and hardened rods, x303 cam vic jr int 650 holley t-5 3.73's

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Posted: 05/08/10 11:48 AM

reworked gt40p heads? You'll run into clearance issues with stock pistons.  

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