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engine swap??

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Posted: 09/06/04 11:28 PM

hi. ive got a '90 4.6 liter mustang, and im going to pull out that engine and sell it, and i want to swap it for either a direct replacement 5.0 or a 351 windsor...are either of these thoughts realistic/possible? If so, which engine would be a better choice...i know carbureted engines, so that's not an issue, but how much work will it be to put the windsor in..how much would i need to replace/buy, etc...?? Which engine will ultimately put out more power?




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Posted: 09/07/04 06:38 AM

If your '90 Fox has a 4.6, somebody had to swap it out.  That year should be a 5.0.  I'd stick with 5.0 for that year since all the brackets and motormounts are made for that.  351 is possible with A LOT of work.  

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Posted: 07/27/11 02:28 PM

im going 2 swap a 5.0out of a 87 noych with the same motor is it hard  

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