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New connecting rod endplay issues?

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Posted: 09/28/11 06:26 PM

Hi! This is my first time posting anything here.  I am building a 351w stroker 408. Everything is brand new. Scat crank, eagle H beams, (all forged) King race bearings ect....!  I was doing my inital fitting to check the rotating assembly for the clearence(oil, endplay) Crankshaft was perfect. 0.001" of endplay 0.0015" oil.  But the connecting rods?  The oil clearence is fine at 0.0015" but the side to side endplay is 0.024". Ford specs is 0.010-0.020 Max of 0.023" according to Alldata and Mitchell on demand. Should I be worried?
  I have a lot of money going in this motor. Some say its ok. Others not sure. Please any input would help.  
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Posted: 10/01/11 09:07 PM

call Scat....   call eagle....   after you measure the dimensions of the parts...

build up of clearances is not a good thing..  

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