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Winter storage

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Posted: 11/24/11 06:30 PM

Me and my wife are proud owners of a 2011 Mustang 5.0 GT convertable . I need to have access of our attached garage for our daily driver cars this winter. I don't have my barn finished with a concrete floor yet so storing the Stang in the sand floor of the barn is not a good option. I would like to store it in a conx (sea can) box for the winter , I have one I recently purchaced for misc. storage . It is very sound condition . So my question to my friends out there is .
Can I store the mustang in the conx box and what precautions should I take ?.
Also , what are your feeling on using extend gas additive for the winter ?.
What are the recommended steps to care of a cloth convertable top .
                             Thanks alot billyb.  

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Posted: 11/24/11 08:09 PM

there is a LOT of info on this ford website page..

might cover it really well...


one thing i might do with a car in a container... stored over the winter..   mount a weather station inside the container..  so you can monitor humidity..  temps..

please add the fuel stabilizer... then fill the tank to the first click on the fuel nozzle at the station.. NOT farther...
this gives the system a little room for vapors.. but not a LOT.....  over 3/4 tank will also work..

i would remove the battery...  place it in a battery box.. with a battery tender hooked to it..  sitting on and surrounded by slabs of syrofoam sheet insulation..  cut and glued..   if you have the battery tender inside the foam box.. it may create enough heat to keep the battery from freezing solid..  i live in los angeles.. so i don't have to worry about DEEP freeze temps...

a trip across the under car spray bars at the car wash..

i like the battery out so it does not sweat and drip acid from the sides..  

perhaps a folded up shop towel on the hood latch to prevent the hood from closing all the way down..  so you can get the battery back in easier.. in the spring..  

bringing the tires to the max side wall listed pressure.. on the last trip home..  steel caps with rubber seals to prevent any seepage..

careful wipe down of the door rubber seals with probably a good silicone spray ..  read up on this in the owners manual.. NOT armorall..  or anything like that..  perhaps just dry is better..

removing the wiper fluid... or making sure there is enough proper wiper fluid that will not freeze in there.

a hard wired low light video camera..  they are like 32 bucks at HF stores right now..  keeps an eye on it..  plug it into aux 2 on the TV...  so as you run the channels..  you can see your captured prize..

one of the big long under car trays from the parts store..   with a layer of cat litter on top.. slid under the engine and transmission..  so any oil that drops..  yes i know its almost new.. and any transmission fluid that leaks..   the torque converters almost always drain back half way into the case after sitting for several months.  

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Posted: 11/24/11 08:15 PM

the weather station is one with a remote display so you can monitor it from the house..  or from the corner of the video camera view..

12.7 to 12.9 volts is about right for a battery tender..  

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