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T5 replacement

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Posted: 02/18/12 12:54 PM

Ok guys.....i am getting ready to attempt my first transmission change. I am just taking one T5 out and replacing it with another. Is it that bad to do?    Ive been told that it is fairly simple. Any advice or tricks you have discovered that you guys could give would be MUCH appreciated! Its not my daily driver yet so I will be able to take my time.  Thanks in advance for any help  

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Posted: 02/19/12 12:45 PM

there are several articles on replacing clutches.. in the tech section and if you use the search 5.0 window above right..

the hardest thing you are probably going to run into is the 12MM 12 point fasteners on the rear driveshaft flange..

you will probably want a quality box end wrench..

00942956000 1?Wid=400&Hei=400&Op Sharpen=1&Qlt=75

Craftsman 12 x 14mm Wrench, 12 pt. Box End
item #00942956000
Mfr. model #42956

sears, kmart, osh stores and some hardware stores sell craftsman..   there are other professional brands..  and a few of the imported brands are ok...  

you will also want a combo wrench in 12MM 12 point... so you can use a second wrench wedges through the open end to extend the wrench even longer..   having somebody sit in the car and depress the brake pedal or using the parking brakes to lock the rear axle..

i usually end up whacking the wrench with a 3 pound hammer to loose it...  

i have a friend who welded a big steel bar to his snap on 12MM to let him loosen them.. and then tighten them afterwards..

you might also want to invest in a transmission rear shaft plug..  and a 5/8 rubber freeze plug.. so you can seal the transmission up when removing and installing it..

Image 12581  

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