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clutch/throw out bearing

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Posted: 12/19/11 03:25 PM

About to pull tranny on 04 mach 1, my brother was driving my car when he said it was making a really bad noise, then he was unable to shift gears.  when I got the car back there wasn't any pressure on clutch pedal, I thought the clutch cable was shot, but it isn't, I put my hand on the fork that holds the throw out bearing and it seems to be in the forward position and I can push it back with my hand, usually I thought it was suppose to be in the back position and hard as heck to push forward.  I read somewhere about a guy who head a stuck throw out bearing but he did not elaborate.  

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Posted: 12/19/11 10:53 PM

perhaps the clutch fork fell off the pivot ball so its rocking around.. getting hit by the clutch cover..  

be sure to take pictures..   post what you find..

i have not had to work on any of these newer mustangs yet.. so i don't without some research know about what fails..



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