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1990 7-UP with 5.0

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Posted: 02/12/12 12:02 PM

I have a rear oil main oil leak, does the crankshaft need to be removed to replace the seal?  

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Posted: 02/12/12 01:07 PM

nope... the rear main seal is a ONE piece seal....

please verify that the valve covers or the back of the intake manifold are NOT leaking..

either the engine has to come out.. or the transmission and flywheel/flexplate dropped to get the rear main seal out and back in..

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please use extreme care to not scratch the seal housing bore.. or the crankshaft seal area when removing the old seal..

if you have not damaged the old seal badly.. i use them to spread the load as i drive the new one in..

please also load the inside area of the seal up with some assembly lube ..  or white lithium grease..  to prevent the garter spring from being knocked off..   lube the inside of the sealing surface also .. so its NOT dry when the engine is started.. .
do not get grease on the outside diameter of the seal.. and wipe the seal housing bore clean.. with a clean rag..  

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