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Project is finally coming to an end and starting it up tomrrow

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Posted: 05/25/12 04:29 PM

Hey guys I'm on a lot of the other Mustang sites but first time I have posted in one of the magazine sites even though I have been signed up on here.

I have a 94 Cobra with a 95R Drive train that was swapped over at Roush Industries long before I owned the car. (The car was in the December showcase section in 2008) I bought it off the previous owner down in FL 5 years ago and have been slowly been modifying the car since I have owned it. All the prototype and R specific parts that have been taken off have been put away in storage. Previously the car was set up with a Vortec S Trim (before I bought it) and AFR 185 heads with 72cc combustion chambers. I have wanted to keep the car NA but those heads were holding me back due to the larger combustion chambers that were more suited for boost. The current project I was referring to was a cylinder head swap and exhaust system upgrade. After a lot of research and contacting the professionals I decided to go with a set of custom CNC Ported 234HR Trick Flow High Ports from Flow Tech Induction where my custom cam also came from that has been in the car for a few years. I started the engine tear down in sept of 2010 but delays, hang ups and problems I encountered along the way made the project last a lot longer. I also ended up getting a set of Accufab 1 3/4 long tubes with 3" collectors going into a 3" pro chamber and a Magnaflow cat back system.

Tomorrow the entire exhaust system is going on from the long tubes back and the car will be started up for the first time since late 2010.I recently got the engine fully assembled once again so all that is left is installing the exhaust system. With the current modifications I am looking for 11's NA at the drag strip and I really am unsure of what my power numbers will come out to with this new combo. Previously my best time was a 12.5 @ 108 with the AFR heads FTI cam and TFSR Intake. But thanks for reading and here is a better break down of the current comb and some pics of the project a long the way. Hopefully it will be running tomorrow.

234HR Trick Flow High Ports
FTI Camshaft
Victor EFI 5.8
1.7 RR's
31 Spline Moser Axles
Team Z K member and A Arms
Team Z upper control Arms
Maximum Motorsports Lower Control Arms
Strange 10 way shocks/struts with coilovers in the front
Centerforce DF Clutch
Pro 5.0 Shifter
Autometer guages
6 Point Kenny Brown street cage and sub frame connectors

Flow Numbers on the Cylinder heads.

Lift Intake Exhaust
.100" .80 .58
.200" 142 115
.300" 196 150
.400" 258 190
.500" 304 215
.550" 320 220
.600" 333 222
.650" 340 230
.700" 334 236
.750" 340 238

How things looked in Sept of 2010

002 49

After some clean up

005 29

The new cylinder heads.

003 59

011 13

How things looked as of last summer and after moving a few month prior.

004 47

Had the Intake and brackets powder coated and had it fully assembled as of a few weeks ago.



The Long tubes that will be going on tomorrow


how it looks when its not on jack stands in the garage lol

004 8  

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Posted: 05/26/12 02:54 PM

Got the long tubes installed today and started it up. Need to have the exhaust modified some for the catback to fit but I'll let an exhaust shop do that.


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Posted: 05/26/12 07:18 PM

i think i would do one thing.. i would really look at shortening the end of the upper radiator hose at the radiator end.. so the loop of hose over the alternator pulley is NOT so close...

i worry that when the cooling system builds pressure that the hose is going to expand and get cut by the belt of pulley...

its hard to tell from just a few pictures... and this is only an idea...  

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Posted: 05/27/12 03:20 PM

Thats something we discussed yesterday when we got it running. I'm going to cut the end of it so that it is not so close  

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Posted: 07/03/12 11:36 AM

Got it running fairly well. It is now at the dyno shop getting the cats welded in and some tweaks on the exhaust system. Should be getting a tune in the next few wks.



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