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CFI conversion to EFI

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Posted: 05/26/12 04:30 AM

I have a 1985 GT with CFI, has any one out there converted to 1989 EFI, looking for easiest way to do. I have heard I could convert to speed denity (1986) using the same computer for the CFI. but cann't find any info.  

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Posted: 05/26/12 06:27 PM

since the 85 and the 89 mustangs are both very similar..

if you find the proper wiring harness sections.. and enough parts .. this should be a moderately intense swap...

you will want to study both wiring diagrams carefully...

i would have to drag down the ECM catalogs.. but i very think there is very little chance that the CFI and the EFI computers are interchangeable..  

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