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347 stroker swap in a 99 cobra r clone

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Posted: 03/28/12 02:08 AM

im building a cobra r clone and im putting a 347 stroker with a 76mm turbo for about 750 to the wheels. im getting a boss block and DSS bottom end. i was wondering what kind of heads and cams i should go with.  

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Posted: 09/29/12 04:50 PM

you should go with a mod dohc motor and ported heads turbo or supercharger they have stronger bottom end and easy to fit in where they belong 4 bolt mains stock what you are doing makes no sense to me unless you like throwing money away and i love my pushrod engines just no power gains to be made over the mod dohc when adding turbos-heads are that much better  

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Posted: 10/13/12 01:49 AM


  These web-sites have a super amount of heads for you. It's confusing to me.

www, Grin  Cool



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