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vacuum system

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Posted: 07/05/12 06:19 PM

Does anyone out there have any idea what the two black plastic objects are that are mounted under the passenger side front fender of an 89 convertible Gt? One is round and the other is rectangle(i think, threw mine away). Some sort of charcoal canister? Mine are routed directly from the gas tank, one line to each piece. I know this is wrong but the emissions system has been removed. It seems to keep the gas fumes in check. Any Help would be appreciated. Dan  

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Posted: 07/06/12 02:23 AM

the big rectangular device is a carbon canister..

it absorbs fuel vapors and stores them ...

there is a control valve on top.  or lines up to a control valve near the engine..   usually on a 5.0 the canister line hooks up to the line that runs under the front of the intake manifold plenum..    with a computer operated vacuum valve inline...

the second round item.. might be the vacuum reservoir..  

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Posted: 10/16/12 06:18 AM

What does this have to do with BOTM?  

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