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Ultimate Street Mustang Challenge

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Posted: 06/27/12 01:45 PM

SmokinStangs Laconia presents the Ultimate Street Mustang Challenge

Ult St Must Chall Final Logov211

The "Ultimate Street Mustang Challenge" is based on a points system and will have Four (4) required key elements to it. Participants will strive to earn the highest number of points possible. The points system ensures that the playing field is level, giving each and every "Ultimate Street Mustang Challenge" participant an opportunity to be crowned as the Ultimate!!

[U]The basis....Challenge participants must:[/U]
1. Compete in the SmokinStangs Drag Night [I](NED - Friday 09/07/12 PM)[/I]
2. Compete in Auto-X [I](NHMS - Saturday 09/08/12 AM)[/I]
3. Participate in the SMOKIN 3-Laps Event [I](NHMS - Saturday 09/08/12 PM)[/I]
4. Display their Smokin Ride on Sunday at the Smokinstangs Laconia Car Show [I](Opechee Inn 09/09/12)[/I] [I]/ via DESIGNATED CHALLENGE AREA[/I]

What makes this so exciting, is the fact that this has never been offered before, and we feel that the SmokinStangs Laconia Mustang Rally is the ULTIMATE VENUE for such.

We feel that this new addition to the annual  SmokinStangs Laconia - Mustang Rally will be very well received, and certainly will add an additional level of interest, all while bumping up the rallies fun factor.

Challenge participants will be able to Register(in the next few weeks) for this event on the Official SmokinStangs Laconia - Mustang Rally website:

We are hoping to pickup a Sponsor or two for this, and if all works out, we hope to offer prize based incentives to the overall winners.
At a minimum...Trophy's will be awarded to 1st Place, and the Runner Up.

We are looking forward to finding out who will be this years winner of the SmokinStangs "Ultimate Street Mustang Challenge!!"  

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Posted: 07/02/12 01:19 PM

Further clarification on how this will work:

Points will be awarded for the following:

-ET from the Drag Night
-Time for Autox laps
-How you place in the Car Show against the other Competitors

*The 3 Laps around New Hampshire Motor Speedway is not a timed event; however it confirms the vehicle can be driven/operated as a Street Car and points will be awarded for participating.  

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