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Cyl Head Swap Question...

SFV Trigger
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Posted: 07/28/12 02:13 AM

Recently acquired a 94 GT 5.0 that already head some work done to it. Long story short,I blew a head gasket, when I tore it down I found aluminum heads(M6049-302y SVO)well the gasket set i got for a 5.0 HO and the intake set does not seem to fit the heads.What kind of heads are these and do I need to get different intake gaskets? All of the other gaskets seem to fit.The intake mani is an edelbrock performer rpm(E.F.I.) thanks  
!994 Mustang GT Convertible,5.0l,gt40 heads,roller rockers,bbk headers & throttle body,edelbrock performer intake,still sorting out.

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Posted: 07/28/12 11:07 AM

if you have blown the head gasket...

please use a machinist straight edge and a feeler gauge to check for head warping..

where did you damage the head gasket at???? look at the head gasket.. take a good picture of it.. post it..   both sides..

did you use a BEAM type torque wrench to break the head bolts loose??? that is one way to verify the heads were installed correctly..  looking at the break away torque.. but its too late for that now..

why am i worried about the heads warping..    when aluminum heads get overheated.. the hottest sections of the heads expands more.. crushing the head gasket.. since its laminated steel, thats not going to crush.. so the aluminum deforms..  when it cools off.. this deformed area is damaged.. it will be a low spot where the surface of the head crushes the head gasket. this will result in NOT enough even clamping on the head gasket and it will fail again..

M-6051-A50 Head Gasket Kit
M-6051-B51 Head Gasket
M-9489-A50 Intake Manifold Gasket Kit (Street)
M-9439-A51 Intake Manifold Gasket Kit (Competition)
E3TZ-9448-A Exhaust Manifold Gasket – available at your Ford dealer
F422-6E086A Thermactor Thread Insert (2 required)

Install the GT-40 heads on engine block and install mounting bolts. Torque in 3 steps using the
shown in Figure 1. Use the appropriate torque specs for your application. NOTE: Ford Racing
Kit (M-6051-A50) and late model production applications use torque to yield bolts.

Torque to yield bolts:
1) 35 ft./lbs.
2) 55 ft./lbs.
3) an additional ¼ turn (85-90°)

Conventional 7/16" bolts: 1) 20-30 ft./lbs. 2) 45-55 ft./lbs. 3) 65-72 ft./lbs.

Conventional ½" bolts 1) 50 ft./lbs. 2) 80 ft./lbs. 3) 110 ft./lbs.

since 1993 i have been spreading a thin layer of hylomar on both sides of head gaskets..  leaving it hanging for 20 to 30 minutes to evaporate the solvents..  but i use plastic bondo spreaders to squeegee the hylomar to a even thin coating.  this has prevented any expected come backs on head gasket jobs i have done over the past 2 decades..  even saved me on my 460 when i blew a freeze plug out on the freeway in heavy traffic.. and NO place to stop until i got off.. the poor guy on the motorcycle behind me was wiping his glasses and face from the spray from my freeze plug..  once i replaced it.. i expected it to have blown head gaskets.. nope.. runs just fine...   people tell you along with gasket makers to not use sealer.. hylomar is not regular sealer.. its good for 500F.. and never ever dries hard..

i hate doing things twice...

i don't have a felpro performance gasket catalog handy.. so i cannot give you an exact part number in felpro..  i will look around..  

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