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500 lb Paper weight

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Posted: 08/08/12 10:34 AM

Just wanted to let out a BIG F.Y.I for those of you that have not had work done at A.R.E Performance (Rocco) in SIMI VALLEY..DO NOT GO TO THEM!!! For those of you that have already..SORRY....I just wish I had goggled those morons before I went to them..4000.00 for a long block that is a total waste of money..paid up front..HUGE mistake..was to get the motor in two weeks (that I was told was all on the shelf and ready to assemble)hence the reason I paid up front... and one excuse after another..four months later I recieved what looked like a new motor,ended up a BIG P.O.S.....it ran like *** checking things out..it appeared the so called completely overhauled heads had 6 bent valves supposedly all new were installed..paid another 1700.00 and bought our own heads (AFR's)because we needed this thing 6 months ago, and ran it again..ran ok cold, but when it got warm it ran terrible...we were running it on a dyno run cart through brand new exhaust system..I thought, I shouldn't need to, but let's pull the drain on our dyno vertical muffler for the heck of it..low and behold, quite a bit of clean water drained out..that's odd..this was the only motor we have run on our system so far..anyhow..we messed with it a bit and noticed this thing drinks water like I used to drink BEER..( that's a lot, probably as much as these guys that built this thing were doing while they worked on it))so it appears to have an internal leak ( cylinder sleaves) when I intially took the old heads off, I noticed that the cylinders looked like they had water sitting in them at the harbor or something and were sanded up..maybe A.R.E performance didn't think we would have to remove the heads anytime soon..These people are total HACKS, THEIVES, you name it!! when I told them about the heads..he said I'll come by and look at them and take care of it..one week, two weeks, a month..I called and said I'll bring them by..(well, first mistake was telling them I was on my way..by the time I got there..no one was there) hmm, I guess I'll have to sneak up next time..that worked..anyhow left the heads and Rocco said he would do it right away..one week, two weeks, three weeks..I've called and he kept telling me, we are almost done with them, we are waiting for the replacement valve)..I just showed up..total frustration..with the time and money invested into this $4000 motor, we could of bought 5 by now...I showed up and said are they done..um, oh no..I looked at them and he had not even touched them...I just took them and dropped them off at my new guy..needed new seats, valves and tested..week later I had them back (pointless though, because the block is CRAP)...I can't even believe these people are still in business..total hacks. save your self the money and headache and do not go to them for any engine related service/work.. in the end..I have a 500 lb paper weight..rocco will not do anything about it, nor would I ever take anything to him again..there is no excuse for what he did....I figure since I'll never see a refund for there poor excuse for a performance engine builder..I can save others from loosing the money..  

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Posted: 08/08/12 06:57 PM

back in the 60s... when the current governor jerry browns father Pat brown was governor.. he created the california department of consumer affairs...  bureau of auto repair...   they are who you have to get a license through to repair items in california...  to stop bandits like you are flagging..

file a complaint..  do so with copies of the receipts from them...  

info from other shops you have paid to get the problem fixed...

you will find that they are serious about this type of stuff..   you can also check their business license standing one their web site..

if you don't have a receipt .. you are going to have an issue..  canceled checks.. CC receipts.. might also help.. but don't send them.. they will contact you.. just have them ready and printed in a file when they call..

these is the same department who's other branch handles the smog check program in california.. and they are serious..

you do need to get across the issues... and kinda prove them...  but the state people will investigate.. and try to come to a resolution...  i have seen them close shops before..  

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