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Thoughts and questions on the Bolt on Battle article October 2012

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Posted: 09/04/12 11:19 PM

First off, great article.  My only wish is that a 4V 4.6L Cobra engine was covered because that's what I have.  And also you would explain why some of the mods produced such little difference.  Here's my take:

Hi, in the Oct 2012 issue of 5.0 Mustangs and Fast Fords magazine they did a comparison test of popular bolt ons on 4 different generation Mustangs.  A 91 Fox,  02 GT 4.6 2V, 05 GT 4.6 3V, and a '11 GT 5.0 Coyote.  All cars started as stock. They Dyno'd the stock HP & TQ.  Then added bolt ons 1at a time and did a new Dyno pull.  They added K&N CAI, BBK TB upgrade, Cat back exhaust, X pipe removed the cats, and finally a tune with an SCT tuner.  I read and studied the results several times.  In general the CAI made an increase.  The BBK TB made very little if any increase.  In some cases replacing the exhaust with a larger free flowing cat back exhaust actually resulted in a decrease in power.  The X pipe, removing of the cats made the largest gain across the board.  And the SCT Tune made a very small, less than 1 HP change.

Has anyone else read this.  They didn't make any comments in the article but I'm wondering this.  Are we being sold a bill of goods by the aftermarket manufacturers?  I couldn't believe the little or no increase of an aftermarket Throttle Body.  Same with the cat back exhaust.  I thought this would be good for more than just sounds cool.  And I was ready to buy a SCT Tuner from all I read up until this test, I thought I would see and feel my $369 worth of improvement.  Am I reading the spreadsheet wrong.  I'm looking at the peak HP and TQ numbers in the tune column and then looking at the HP and TQ numbers in the same row, previous test which was X pipe.  The only significant increase from a tune was 10lbs of TQ on the 11 Coyote and 5 HP on the 05 GT.  All others were less than 1hp or 1 lb TQ difference.  So what's your feedback on this? I'm surprised the parts manufacturers aren't screaming at the magazine, unless they made a mistake in the spreadsheet.

I have a 96 SVT Cobra with the K&N CAI, Flowmaster exhaust, and a new X pipe no cats. So I'm at the same mod level, minus changing the TB. It looks like buying a tuner could be a waste of money.  I'm very interested to see the follow up in the magazine. I was going to post this on the magazine's forum but it appears to get vey little traffic. Most postings are months old.  Thanks, Spiney-Dave  

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