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runing way too rich,under 5mpg

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Posted: 09/23/12 08:17 AM

i started off with a 98 5.0.i picked that cause of the gt-40p heads but i didnt know later on i would of had the money to do what i did.i bought a pair of the 87-88 trick flow high port cast iron heads with the 2.08 valves.the port and polish is maxed out and i think the guy said it benched flowed 260.the cam choice was the comp cam high energey .544/.555 lift,forgot the rest of the specs.comp springs,lifters,titium recontainers and crane golden rockers.the fuel system is all eldbroke rpm series,70mm throttle body,24lb injectors and the mark 7 mass sensor calibrated for 24lb,ford raceing fuel rail,my spark is under msd.                                                                                                    this motor is a hard starter,i had to get a 1000 cranking amp battery just to start it.when it starts it throws the smoke out and idles stubid.i know the thing is runing way to rich,if its under 2800rpm the number 4 cylinder loves to pop but loves her top end shits it and goes compared to under 3000rpm.no codes show on the computer just only thing i see is the richness.my motor plainer said to throw a carb and jr intake and i would have 450hp eazy but i want my fuel injection.theres more performance there and fuel ecomeney.how to get this thing right?  

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Posted: 09/23/12 10:11 AM

which system are you running... the EECIV that you can only access KOEO and KOER self tests...

or are you running the 98 OBD2 system.. thats easily accessed with an OBD2 scan tool..

there is an EEC4 device that plugs between the computer and harness to let you see what the system is doing on a laptop.... makes tuning easy... not really  cheep.. but really useful..

do you have a digital volt meter that reads frequency.. and Ms (millisecond)  

frequency to look at if you have a map sensor...

milisecond to look at the fuel injector pulse width...

its a foreign junk yard search usually in the saab or volvo area... for the ABS connectors that are the male and female versions of the standard fuel injector connector...  if that is what you have... you can if you get enough wire on each side....  use female bullet connectors to splice the 2 connectors together .. now you can hook your test lead between an injector and the connector then hook your volt meter up and look at the millisecond..   1.2 to 1.4 is a good idle MS reading.. but with the slightly larger injectors.. if the system is working well in feedback.. you might get a 1.1ms reading..

you will also want to check the TPS voltage that its below 1.0 volt... or the ECM will think you have your foot on the throttle.. so it will keep the fuel injection running on the RICH side..

are the oxygen sensors hooked up...   ?????????????????

whats going on with the thermactor system.. (air injection)  if its diluting the upstream air.. it will throw the fuel calculations way OFF.. as the uncommanded air will dilute the exhaust stream as it passes the oxygen sensor..

lastly for now... did you get all the grounds hooked up properly...

how are the ground wire connections at the radiator core support..

how is the ground connection on the inner fender behind the headlight..

there are also ground connections that come out the fuel injection harness.. these are also important to hook up properly....

why.... its just a ground..    It's HALF THE CIRCUIT.. and the side that carries the electrons...

if you don't have good grounds... you won't have enough electrons to operate the many devices..  when they come on... the voltage will drop.. and they will not act correctly if at all...

i have a quick test... print this..  it takes less than 5 minutes to run it... it will find some hard to find faults that will drive you crazy..

VOLTAGE Drop Testing  

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