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87 5.0 problems

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Posted: 08/05/12 11:52 AM

i just picked up a 87 5.0, the car is in alright shape needs a lil tlc! this car wasnt take care of very well so i am doing a tune up to it, i changed fuel filter, plugs wires, cap and rotor,air filter, coil and cleaned the throttle body. the car idels fine and has a alright rev up not in gear, the car drives alright when u are driving like a normal person but as soon as u hammer on it the car back fires and cuts out and wont go over 35 mph, could this be bag gas or what else might cause this please help im real stumped on this  

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Posted: 08/06/12 09:46 AM

i am having a similar problem. i also got an 87, but mine only acts normal if you drive it like you stole it. when i am cruising, it spits and sputters and hesitates horribly. i have heard that the intake and manifold have a tendency to crack on these and that could cause some odd problems. it sounds like your issue and my issue could be related to the same root cause. i know it doesnt help much, but you arent the only one.  

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Posted: 08/07/12 11:26 PM

both of you need to inspect the GROUND connections at both ends of the radiator core support...

there is also a ground connection on one of the inner fenders between the core support and front of the shock tower..   please also check that the wire that connects to the RING terminals at the core support is NOT frayed... i have found so many fuel injected fords.. that had only one or two strands of wire left where it was 10 gauge before... some cars have 8 gauge there...

there is another ground connection some place.. coming out of the fuel injector harness that attaches to the intake or cylinder head someplace.. i don't recall off the top of my head where they are right now...

these are the FIRST places to check... and you have to have GOOD ground connections or you will NOT have enough electrons to power your various devices...

since there are ONLY codes available for these.. you will need one of the 30 buck code readers from most auto parts stores...  run the KOEO and KOER tests.. if you get other than a pass 11.. follow the EXACT year service info for your car... its in factory HC manual sections..  or online.. there are probably over 150 pages just on the fuel injection system..

the KOEO and KOER tests are SELF diagnostic tests..

i should explain about the instruction at the END TO   GOOSE the throttle...  this is done from idle... as fast as possible... crack the throttle hard and release it...   the engine needs to get to 2500 RPMS or so...  but it can do this in a fraction of a second...   the computer is testing the DETONATION sensors in the side of the block.. to see if it can ramp the timing forward to verify they are responding to the KNOCK sounds..

my net connection is down right now... i am at a friends house... i will only be online a few times a week... but do post what codes you get...

run the lower part of this test... you can print this... its easy to run...

VOLTAGE Drop Testing

this is a 92 mustang front harness... you can if you look close see green boxes around the ground connections...


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