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Are the gains from an SCT Tuner and BAMA tunes worth $380 ?

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Posted: 08/15/12 07:49 PM

I have a 96 SVT Cobra with K&N CAI, Flowmaster exhaust from H pipe back, no cats, B&M Short shift kit,  and an old Superchip chip on the ECM which I understand to be a generic tune.  I'm very seriously considering buy an SCT Tuner along with. BAMA tune from American Muscle. I would remove the Superchip and save the Stock tune, then upgrade to a BAMA tune.  I only use quality Shell or Sunoco 93 Octane gas.  I don't race, but I want the most I can get out of my car with its current mods. Plus the lifetime tunes will allow me fresh tunes if and when I add mods.  So for those who've done it on their Cobra engines, did you really notice a difference? Were you satisfied with the bang for the buck performance upgrade?

I was pretty much convinced until I read the article in the October 2012  5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords. The one about which bolt ons made the biggest difference on 5 era Mustangs. Unfortunately the 96-99 4.6 4V was not one of the engines.  Anyway, the way I read it the Tune had the least amount of effect, in some cases only 1.x HP AND TORQ.  Compared to the CAI, exhaust, Maf, and other mods it paled in comparison.  The lead tune man at BAMA said I should see 12-15 HP and I think 15-17 Ft lbs TORQ.  He said I would feel a difference. Question is should I just save for something more serious?  I like having high mph top end and getting 24 mpg if I keep my foot out of it, so I'm not thinking changing the rear ratio.  So what do you think?  Did I misinterpret the article results?  Thanks,  Spiney-Dave  

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Posted: 08/25/12 12:11 PM

not sure if this helps you but i bought the sct chip with bama tunes from american muscle for my 90 gt (ive got all the basic bolt on's). it had 4 different tunes on it. one bank with no tune, 3 other tunes for different octane levels. i didnt notice a difference at all with any of the tunes.

there is one thing it did do for me. the switch had more then 4 banks on it and if you used one of the empty banks, it would act as an ignition kill. someone tried to steal my car and this is what stopped them from getting it. so it was worth it in that aspect, but not for performance.  

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Posted: 03/12/13 10:46 AM

It's the best bang for your buck. you won't find another upgrade for the price that will give you as much hp and torque than SCT SF3 or BAMA tuner. I used it on my bone stock 03 gt and it made all the difference in the world and the more modes the better and with you having a Cobra vs the GT, you should get more out of it than I did. I personally think that tuner should be the first thing you do to your car performance wise. You can also download new tunes as you add mods to your car.  

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Posted: 03/12/13 04:32 PM

My son does work on the newer Mustangs, from the later OBD1 and OBD2. He said not worth the money for the gain. There are too many other lower dollar mods you can do for the money....

Bob aka-pepsi1  

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