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was there ever a 96-98 Cobra Project Car in any Mustang Mags?

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Posted: 08/15/12 07:28 PM

I purchased a very clean mildly modded 96 SVT Cobra last July 2011.  The mods are Flowmaster exhaust from H pipe on back. No cats. K&N CAI, Hawk brakes, B&M short shift kit, Ford Racing Cobra 17x9 wheels, and a Superchip, chip on the ECM.

All I've done to it is TLC, Detailed the all black paint, and put about 4,000 miles on it.  I'm wondering if in the past there were ever any project cars based on this era of 4.6L Cobra?  Is there some master index you can search to find out?  If not I'd
Ike to hear from other SN95 Cobra owners who modded their rides.  The previous owner was smart enough and nice enough to keep every original part in case someone wanted a Stock 96 Cobra.  Right now car has 43K miles.  My next move was to remove the Superchip and get an SCT Tuner with a BAMA tune, unless the crowd convinces me otherwise.  Thanks, Spiney-Dave  

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