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vacuum & wiring trouble shooting manual

hayabusa1--93lx ssp
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Posted: 08/29/12 09:50 AM

i was wondering if there was any difference between the 90 & the 93 mustang wiring & vacuum diagram because i can only seem to find a book for 90 year model & not one that  covers 93 models  

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Posted: 08/30/12 06:41 AM

i would imagine that there are differences...

you also have places like faxon auto literature..

or like i mentioned on the ac blower thread...   eautorepair dot net.. its mitchell's on demand system for consumers..  i like their info over alldatadiy dot com.  you can get subscriptions right at autozone for that one..   they both have very similar info.. its just placed in slightly different order between the 2 site.s..

warning.. there is more than one factory service manual section...   the emissions and fuel injection is covered in the HC section..  there is a D section that covers the general stuff.

i had an 83 tbird... the former owner had given me the manuals with the car.. on the 83.. it took 7 manual sections to cover all the systems..  and when i needed info on the EEC3 system.. it said that its not covered in repair manuals.. refer to diagnostic tool users manuals..  you don't have that problem.. but its easier usually to get info electronically..  

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Posted: 09/09/12 12:15 AM

Fords engineering changes go from mid year to mid year. When you order parts how many questions are you asked? So I would guess it has changes from one year to 3 years difference....


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Posted: 09/19/12 01:34 PM

I have to add this. Back in the early and mid 1990's I was a consulting engineer to a Ford,Lincoln,Mercury dealership. I was brought in to find out why warranty costs were so high.

When I started there I wanted to spin wrenches with the young guys. Oh yeah I took a lot of heat being maybe 25 years older then some of the techs. There were older techs that thought their jobs were on the line, anyway. I'll tell you what I found.

FoMoCo buys parts from 100's of vendors. On the assembly line in Detroit or wherever these parts are all put together,vendorA,B,C parts are all put in the same boxes for assembly.

Now the vehicle gets shipped out. Maybe you have a problem with your car. You don't know if it's vendor,A,B, or C's part thats in your car. So my advice when you purchase any parts from FoMoCo dealers you had better know the following.

1.Vin. number
2.Engineering date usually on the back door.
3Engineering dates and codes, that can be anywhere they put it. The glove box,under the driver's seat, in the trunk,or under the rear trunk mat.
4.The clor of the car...LOL... Confused

Believe me I saw it and could not believe it. At the time I was there Ford had a system called SBDS..Service Bay Diagnostic System. I as a tech taught myself how to use it. You know what I found, I could take the Vin Number from a Lincoln for an EXAMPLE ONLY.I could find out who owned it, when it was in for service and where, if it had any outstanding Recalls on it. The codes to the keyless sytem ect.I could steal it.

I found as a tech that while the oil was draining from the crankcase, I could run the vin, and find those things out. I was able to make more time on cars that had open Recalls on them. It did not matter. I had a 1986 4 cylinder Mustang that was going to the junk yard. The service manager said get the vin from it, and run it. I found 6 open Recalls on that vehicle. 3 Saftey and the other 3 were replacement parts.I installed a $1600.00 exhaust, and cat. system, a $400,00 emissions carb and pump. Seat belts on all 4 seat the rear middle was okay. Don't know the cost of that. Plus the time involved in replacing the parts. I asked the service manager why he did that. It's going to the junk yard? You could not close the door it was so rotten from our winters. His answer we needed the time and money for bottom line. Yeah so his incentive heck was bigger. Of course all those parts had to be special ordered.

I had a Lynx that came in for a leaking radiator. I got an OK to replace the radiator.I pulled it up on the SBDS and there was a safety Recall for seat belts. All 5 belts had to be replaced. I told the service manager this is the original owner, and was notified 4 times from FoMoCo. He said really. I said yup. He held the car there until we got the replacement seat belts for this Lynx.(It was a saftey violation in the State of Mass.)To drive a car with a saftety problem. The woman came down with her son later, and he thought they could take it. The service manager told her she was notified 4 times for a safety recall, anyway that car was there for a week.

I guess it's the long way to explain why the difference. Ford Motor Company does not keep track of the cut off dates when they ued a different vendors parts.

They had a National Recall on all Ford trucks, Lincolns,Mercry,and  Ford Crown vics. ect. It was for an ignition switch that could short out and catch fire. Well the ign.switch burned down a couple garages and houses. Because they had No record of the cut off dates.Every one of those cars were recalled. I had a Lincoln Town car that was about to catch fire. The switch was so hot just from the parking lot to my bay I had to what to replace it...It was only an inspection and you see that what was happening that had no clue where their parts went.
I know all this sounds confusing. Grin  Cool  

I went to work for a Chevy Dealer for the same reason. For whatever reason GM when they had a recall knew what cars were involved with that part.


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