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2000 GT - Wheel and tire selection

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Posted: 01/04/11 04:12 PM

I am looking for a set of tires and wheel sizes to mount.  I am leaning towards.
245/45/17 on 8" wheel
315/35/17 on 10.5" wheel

Tires are a toss up between the Sumitomo HTR-Z and the Nitto 555R looking for the best traction.  Running 4.10 gears.  Also I heard that if I install 315 on the back I have to remove the quad shock.  Is that true?


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Posted: 06/08/11 08:33 PM

i actually junked my sumitomos for nittos with drag radials on rears, i feel that nittos are quieter on road noise and provide better traction. running 4.30 gears. not sure if you have to remove quad shocks, i don't have them on my car, don't notice a difference.  

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Posted: 12/05/12 07:45 PM

I had a set of 03 cobra 17's I actually ran nitto's after i purchased the wheels, then after they got wore out I bought a set of Mickey Thompson et streets. I preferred the MT over nitto's. Now im on 18 and blowing money left and right looking for something to make me hook up.  

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