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Idea for a possible Mustang challenge

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Posted: 10/11/12 04:59 PM

Dear 5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords editor,

My name is Larry Ross. I look forward to reading your magazine every month. I really enjoy the King of the Street competition. While reading about the King of the Street cars and prepping for the NMRA Bowling Green event I had an ideal. I pitched it to a handful of my fellow True Street competitors and they thought it sounded interesting. I drive an '05 Mustang v6. It is not anything special and is certainly not in a position to be featured in a magazine right now. My ideal though involves v6 Mustangs.

I, along with everybody I talked to about it, including those v8 only types, thought it would be enjoyable to both the fans and the readers to do a contest similar to the KOTS competition for base model engine Mustangs. You could call it Prince of the Street. Like a little brother to the King car for the year. Make it a contest where the entrants were allowed anything goes to really wow the judges except they are limited engine wise to whatever base engine was used for that year. An '05 would be a 4.0L based engine, an '11 would be a 3.7L and so on. There are a large number of small displacement Mustangs that are getting modified these days and some are reaching huge power numbers and are still daily driven. I know the 3.7L has a turbo kit in the works that should be impressive. The 4.0L has been pushed into the 400's numerous times and the 3.8L is able to be stroked and has numerous power tricks that make it insane if played with.

Obviously you wouldn't want to make the prize as grand as the KOTS winner's prize is but I think the winner of the Prince contest would still be deserving of recognition and I find alot of people fascinated by my naturally aspirated 4.0L so I could only wonder what people would think if they were exposed to 400hp plus v6s that are still easy to drive on the street. This could also draw more readers to your magazine that have base models that they have modified that get harassed by others for not having a v8 and shunned by those that are diehard v8 is the only way to be a real Pony Car types.

Another thing this would do is also get more low end Mustangs to show for True Street competitions at both NMRA and NMCA events hoping to get their rides noticed too. At this years NMRA World Finals I was the only 4.0L in the T/S competition but there were four 3.8L mustangs. This would also help get performance shops interested in tinkering with base engined setups too and after seeing some of the shop cars in Bowling Green I'd love to see what guys like Justin Starkey could build for this type of event.

I would love to hear your thoughts on something like this.


Larry Ross

avid reader, rabid Mustang fanatic and v6 enthusiast  

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