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2006 Rear bumper cover removal

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Posted: 01/28/13 04:01 PM

I have looked all over the net and can not find anything on how to remove my rear bumber cover on my 2006 GT Conv. Can anyone help?  

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Posted: 01/30/13 07:38 PM

i am taking that this is a mustang GT not a GT as in the 2006 GT supercar ford made...

i have not tried to remove one of those..

you might want to visit motorcraft.com   it will send you to  ford online parts  you can select the 06 mustang GT and then click on the body..  then select bumpers.. change the amount of views to 75 from 10.. wait for the thumbnails to load then click one.. you can see how the parts all fit together...  

rear bumpers are kinda on tight as they must not blow off at high speeds...  

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