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Change for efi,to carb?

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Posted: 03/13/13 03:36 PM

What items will I need to put a carb on my '95 5.0?
Please list all parts !  

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Posted: 03/14/13 10:18 AM


i guess you are really tired of your fuel injection.. where too many hands have spoiled the car..

you can put it all back together.. restore it to a factory tune..  depending on what you removed..

if you want to swap on a carb...  do you have a 5 speed or an automatic transmission..

i don't recall off the top of my head. what year ford went to the computer to shift the automatic..

to convert this to a carb..

a different distributer as the 95 does not have a module built in.. it requires the crank sensor and the computer to properly operate...

so an aftermarket TFI with vacuum advance..  or stand alone electronic advance curve...

an intake manifold

a carb...



then you have to figure out some way to control the cooling fans as those are computer controlled also.. warning.. they are not designed to run all the time.. they will overheat and melt the centers out of the fan blades or have a very short fan motor life..

you will have to also figure out a way to power up the intank fuel pump.. and have a BYPASS type of fuel pressure regulator to reduce the fuel pressure to the carb to 5 or 6 psi.. but NOT deadhead the factory pump in the tank..  it won't like being deadheaded and it will either blow the fuse or burn out the pump.. as they do not have relief valves built in...

with the issues you have been having.. i forsee a lot of wear on your shoes if you think this carb swap is going to be easy..

did you ever get the code reader for you mustang and plug it in to read the codes??? they are only about 30 bucks at most parts stores..  

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Posted: 03/15/13 02:11 PM

Get a service manual or these tech books. www.cartechbooks.com Like Wayne said going backward in time is up to you. We have all been there. When so many people have screwed up a perfectly running engine, and now your lost as to what direction to go in....

  A friend has a Corvette collection. The 1984 year was really not GM's best. I was away on a business trip. He had trouble with his cross ram fuel injected Vette. So he took it to the Chevy Dealer. It was worse after he brought it to them....I got it and it was temperature sensor that had a corroded pin. He had a $600.00 bill. All it only took was replacing the connector less then $50.00.

Bob akapepsi1  

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